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What if Bumble did a Spotify wrapped feature compiling your dating patterns and activities throughout the years? 


Jan 1-15 2021


We have annual financial reports, spotify activities wrapped, and other stories that sums up our activities, what about our dating life? I've always wondered what the history of me and my friends' dating life would look like if it was visualized. We've thought about making zines and spreadsheets to track our successes and misfortunes in navigating the dating world in order to see what patterns would emerge from the data base we create.


As someone who tracks their habits, steps, period, finance, feelings, and other things, I thought it was appropriate to do my version of tracking and visualizing the dating life...with help from my friends data to help me populate some initial ideas and formulate a plan that is visually engaging and full of humor.

The trend

Video shows how she tracked all of the people she's dated into a list on her notepad.

Video talked about what kind of highlights he's expecting if dating apps did a dating wrapped feature.

Based on some of these Tiktoks, it's clear that there's a demand for a dating wrapped feature in the main dating apps out there. There were other tiktoks that showed some other ways they visualize their lists and some were even showing how they generated pie charts and line graphs (video deleted). Here are some ways I visualize data I gathered from me and my friends' dating lives. ↓

The dating world has become a game of numbers and analytics, if we were to sum up our dating life, what would it look like?

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Can we find our true love using data-driven strategies or is love a pure matter of chance?

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Would the patterns that emerge help us to gain a better understanding in how we make our decisions?

Can we outsmart our internal algorithms and take chances on new approaches on our dating lives?

Can knowing our statistics and keeping track of our history help us into making better decisions?


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Bumble and I has a long history of fun times and misfortunes. Of all the dating apps that's out there, I admire and enjoy using Bumble the most due to some of these factors:


  1. The story of how Whitney Wolfe left Tinder in order to build Bumble...(article)

  2. I like making first moves. This allows me to be more in control on who I want to talk to instead of dealing with men on some dating sites' weird and mostly creepy first messages.

  3. I like people's profiles on Bumble more, people actually put a bit more effort in presenting themselves through their bios and the prompts.

  4. Bumble makes you feel like the experience and interaction is more genuine.

  5. I love Bumble’s ideologies and other educational content on their social media. I think it makes the experience a lot better and the message they convey is more healthy in terms of approaching the  online dating life.


I wanted to do the Dating Wrapped feature under Bumble because it’s more fitting to their UI/UX and to their brand message I believe. They also have some distinct UI elements that I can use to make more creative screens that can make room for custom data to be presented visually.

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At the end of the day,

Finding love is not a numbers game

Finding love is not about the amount of boxes potential partners tick off from our imaginary "ideal partner" list. It's not about occupations, the hours we can tolerate at dates or the aesthetically pleasing photos they have on their profiles...not even close.


Finding love is about finding connection, passion, and all the practical and irrational things that come with it. Ultimately, finding love is more than the bits of data they present, more than the analytics we run, the insights we can quantify, or the probabilities of success. Finding love comes with many failures, defeat, and lessons...ultimately, it's beyond the numbers and charts on our data visualizations. The rest is for each and everyone of you to figure out.

Take chances. Make first moves.