Social Media Designer

MARCH 2020

"Curology makes a custom skincare formula just for you. A licensed dermatology provider evaluates your skin profile, skin type, and medical history, and prescribes a custom mix of three simple ingredients. So whether you’re up against acne, dark spots, or fine lines—you get one bottle that’s all you."


I've been using Curology for the past 3 years and have been a strong believer of their product. Around March of 2020, I saw that they had an opening for several designer roles. I wanted to see how my skills have evolved during my time after my last job at The Assembly so I took a chance and applied for the Social Media Designer role. Part of the application process is to show a case study of some prompts that I can present to show them my skills and how I communicate my vision for their product.


1. Visual execution is a huge part of a successful Social Media Strategy.

Curology is launching a brand new moisturizer that leaves you glowing like a unicorn Curate a mood board that sets the tone for the product launch. This product launch will go live on Curology’s primary social channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest)

i. Target Audience:​ Men & Women, age 18-30 who want to keep their skin supple and bouncy, plus keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Frame 72.jpg
Frame 77.jpg

Using Curology's existing assets from their social media, I designed my vision for their feed using a new additional color      and created some designs for the informative parts of their content. I also made the featured customers a template for the photo overlay in order to make my vision more cohesive and consistent throughout the brand.

Frame 111.png
Frame 112.png


Since the new moisturizer will make people feel like a unicorn, my goal with the mood board is to highlight diversity through pop culture references, color, and humor.

In launching a new moisturizer, the most effective way to promote a product is through a post that’s recognizable, informative, easily digestible, and with humor.

Channeling and embracing the softness people will feel when they apply the moisturizer while conveying that it’s a moisturizer for all people, in all sizes, gender, and skin condition.

I believe that it’s important to celebrate diversity in terms of what being a unicorn means. A unicorn is a magical creature with the ability to do the most, I’d love to convey that through the presentation of the product launch and make everyone feel the magic that lies beneath the moisturizer.

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To view the rest of my presentation click here:

Although I'm not a big fan of doing a case study (brief or full) as part of the application process, I took it as a part of my learning process and challenged myself in ways that I thought would be beneficial to improve my skills in the future.


Overall, I had a fun time trying out for this role and finding creative ways to solve the prompts. The people in the design and social team at Curology are very warm and welcoming as they interviewed me for the role.