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About Meemo
Meemo is a layer on top of your financial life, created to delight users with automatic AI powered rewards, modern peer-to-peer sharing, and personalized insights based on your transaction and purchasing history.

Meemo inherently empowers everyone to have positive experiences with their money and with one another. If you’re a surfer who loves sushi, a programmer who goes hiking, a yoga teacher who leads a vegan lifestyle, or anything in between - there’s a meemo for you!
A Social Finance App
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Meemo is a social finance app that connects

your financial footprint to your everyday life.

👀 Stay on top of transactions & subscriptions

🔎 Search using our AI

🥊 Versus Mode to compare shops and categories

💸 Transfer cash to friends

🎁 Send gifts (called “meemos”)

❤️ Rewards & discounts based on your activity

📅 Weekly Reviews to recap your week

🛍 Discover recommendations just for you

🌱 Local businesses & impact focused

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Product Designer
  • Work in a very agile small startup environment with a team of 3 designers.

  • ​Understand and solve complex problems to give our users a sense of peace and provide delightful experiences

  • ​Design simple, easy-to-use flows and experiences that delight our users

  • ​Partner with PMs, engineers, and copywriters across the company to oversee user experience for products and features from conception to launch

  • ​Develop deep empathy for our customers and translate both qualitative insights and quantitative data into creative ideas and informed design decisions

  • ​Prototype and test interactions. Iterate based on findings and feedbacks.

  • ​Cultivate a creative design process that is built on inclusion and strong cross-functional collaboration.

  • ​Provide and seek feedback from other designers to always push the bar for quality

  • ​Contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the product team

working on the entire lifecycle of a product
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Translated open-ended concepts into both long-term objectives and tactical needs

Undertook user research, identifying mental models, needs, and pain points to inform feature development

Helped measure the effectiveness of ideas and how well they meet their objectives through wire framing and other conceptual visualizations

Designed, documented, and maintained a design system to help the design team scale

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Produced multiple design deliverables and iterations using Figma
Made simple prototypes to better present solutions to stakeholders and developers
Performed usability testing to my own community to ensure the success of the feature
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On the last months of 2020, I worked on many areas of the app to prepare for our V2.

I improved the experience of key features starting from sending, custom meemo, connections, and all the way to the home screen and all the other experiences that need a refresh.

Since meemo has grown in the past 1.5 years since we started, we have to make room for our growth and new features. The design team of 4 (2020) made a tremendous effort since last year to build a design system that is scalable, cohesive, and more versatile. This year, we are working together more collaboratively with our developers to refresh each screen and elevate the entire experience. We also added more efforts on our UX research to guide our decisions in making these new designs.

My role allows me to have a heavy hand on the entire UX, from audit to the total re-design of each screen. Supported by another designer who helps me create screens with the proper components in order to bridge the gap between design and engineering, we're working swiftly together to give Meemo the fresh look it deserves in order to highlight the new product and features we've created last year.