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The Assembly


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"The Assembly is a wellbeing club built by and for people who love to work out, work hard, relax often, go outside, and do it all with friends. The Assembly creates space for people to discover and practice what makes them feel good.


At The Assembly, we are in pursuit of bringing comfort, health, and happiness to the world. We make taking care of yourself easy. We believe in good workouts, good food, and good company. We are curious. We are responsible. We believe wellbeing happens with community." 

The Assembly Fitness

✨Improved the brand across all creative and graphic materials and contribute to the development of The Assembly's brand identity.

✨Layout and designed a wide array of print and digital assets, including calendars, flyers, social media graphics, event materials, and other advertising assets.

✨Creatively met design needs from teams across the organization, including marketing, advocacy communications, and partnerships.
Produced physical mockups for review.

✨Actively participated in team sessions on storytelling, campaign brainstorms, and strategic planning.

✨Participated in organization-wide initiatives and training that contribute to the creation of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work culture that encourages and celebrates differences.

✨Utilized internal and external resources to support a personal and professional development journey that increases awareness and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and orientations.


Graphic Designer

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The Clubhouse
The Assembly Cafe
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The Assembly

The Assembly Team

Working at The Assembly as a Graphic Designer allowed me to put my lessons in AAU into practice. The team encouraged me to grow as a designer and supported my design decisions along the way. I will never forget the opportunity they have given me considering I was only 1 semester into AAU taking Graphic Design. 

I never thought I would truly be using my learnings at Typography classes into application for all of our members and guests to see. It was a nice and wholesome experience to have people come up to me and compliment my work and it's the kind of motivation and encouragement that enabled me to keep wanting to improve my skills.